Small Beginnings

Small Beginnings

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…

-Zechariah 4:10

Well, it seems Spring may finally be on its way. Still, Baltimore is notorious for its finicky weather, so I expect some more unpleasant weather before the tulips bloom. March always feels like Winter’s last, desperate fight for control, but we know Spring will win in the end.

I love the feeling of newness that Spring brings – that wonderful sense of rebirth and growth.  The first day of Spring is the Persian New Year, so I am usually thinking of that side of the family’s culture, but this year, I’ve been thinking of mine — the Celtic side.  St. Patrick was also big on new beginnings, although not always ones he planned.  Snake myths aside, I do know that in the end this religious slave and orphan ended up bringing the hope of Christ to the entire island of Ireland.  I wish all my beginnings were so profitable! Nevertheless, I have learned to regard even the smallest things in a new way.  First of all, worth is measured differently by God and the world.  The world values status, money and possessions, whereas God values your relationships — with Him and with others.  How you care for others counts.  Also, even the tiniest seeds can sprout and grow into something great.  Billy Graham didn’t start out trying to evangelize the world, although he has, and St. Patrick didn’t intend to convert an entire island of pagans, but that’s what God had planned for him.

So, in this season of beginnings, I am happy to trust that God is moving me to the place I need to be.  I encourage you to also spend this Lenten season seeking Him out and prayerfully considering what He has planned for you.  Fast, meditate, spend some time alone, read the Bible and let that breakthrough happen!  If you are like me, our 40 Days of Prayer study may have given you new insights, inspiration or a promise. Nurture that tiny seed of faith or promise from God. Who can imagine what it might grow into?  I pray that it will blossom like the crocuses and tulips (and shamrocks!)


Lord, our Lord, you are so awesome, and your creation is so wonderful.  Thank you for being a Good Shepherd who leads His flock by still water and green pastures.  Help us to turn our eyes to You this Lent, to seek you and listen to your ‘still, small voice’.  Show us the path you have prepared for us and help us to avoid the temptations of affluence and indolence, because You know what is best for us.  Amen.

Stay blessed,

Jen Jahromi