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Our Mission Statement

To honor the presence of children as gifts from God; to share the Good News of Jesus Christ; to encourage their cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth; to foster a growing love, respect and appreciation of all people.

Our Philosophy

At TWO BY TWO Preschool, the staff strives to create a learning environment that is developmentally appropriate for each child. The Work Sampling System (WSS) is used to implement the Maryland Model of School Readiness (MMSR).  Together, these tools provide a framework for observation and assessment by portfolio that drives unit content, planning and classroom teaching. Unit planning addresses the seven domains of early childhood education:  Language, Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Development and Personal & Social Development.  Each of these domains come together to set the stage for a balanced and we-integrated learning environment.  Completed portfolios may follow children in the Eagles class to kindergarten. The developmentally appropriate classroom environment is one where children most often: –  Lead . . . rather than follow the teacher –  Create . . . rather than duplicate –  Move . . . rather than wait –  Make the lines . . . rather than color in the lines –  Speak . . . rather than listen passively –  Initiate . . . rather than imitate –  Raise questions . . . rather than answer the teacher’s questions –  Solve their own problems . . . rather than the teacher’s problems –  Make art . . . rather than do crafts –  Emphasize the process . . . rather than the product –  Use authentic skills . . . rather than drill and practice –  Make books . . . rather than fill in workbooks –  Decide . . . rather than submit –  Choose wisely . . . rather than being told –  Make a plan . . . rather than follow a teacher’s plan –  Try again . . . rather than fail

Our Mailing Address

TWO by TWO Preschool of Hereford UMC
P.O. Box 400
16931 York Road
Monkton, MD 21111