KING’S QUEST: Children’s Christian Education

Pre-School – Grade 5:   Education Building lower level
Middle – High School:   FLC Classroom 1
Every Sunday, kids are dismissed from the FLC gathering area at 9am to join us on the King’s Quest. During that hour kids from Preschool – 12th Grade learn age appropriate lessons and experience the Bible in ways that fit their learning styles. As kids dig into the Bible with creative activities. they’ll soak up life-changing lessons that really stick. They’ll build relationships with each other, watch for God Sightings, apply Bible truths to their lives, and pray for each other. Most importantly, kids will discover just how amazing God’s truth really is!
Parents get involved too! We ask our parents to commit to chaperone in the Elementary class twice per quarter. And with the unique At Home cards, moms and dads grow in faith with their children.
We keep our kids safe by requiring all our teachers and volunteers to undergo background checks and adhere to our Safe Sanctuary program. 
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