Dear HFLC Basketball Families,

Our Basketball Program Director (and co-founder), who we applaud and thank for years of faithful service, decided to step down from this season. We are now in a position of rebuilding this fun and important program for the children and youth of our community.  We have been blessed by a member of our congregation who will be the new Basketball Director and a member of our community who will be the new Program Manager.

So this season is a GO!  We will play basketball with a modified schedule this year!

Thank you for your patience as we work together to renew this program for our families in ‘The Zone.’  More details and registration will be available through Stone Alley ( and the Hereford Faith and Life Church website ( by the end of this week.

We would appreciate having registrations in place by January 7th.  Skill evaluations and Team assignments will begin January 17th, followed by practices January 23, and games in early February.  We are planning for this modified schedule to run through mid-March, 2023. We are grateful to have folks stepping up to run the program this year.  Please be on the lookout for other volunteers opportunities and ways to be involved this season.

It is a ‘jump ball’ now and we are excited to see friends and families together enjoying basketball in the HFLC gym very soon.  Check it out soon on the church website and Stone Alley.

Come join us for Christian Fellowship and to shoot some hoops!


HFLC Church Council

December 22, 2022