Dear Church Family & Friends,

I want to thank you for embracing our adventure of “Daring Faith.” And though the “official” 40 days have concluded, I’m praying the lessons and discoveries of living with daring faith will never end as we continue to grow and trust God with even greater faith. One way we are keeping the adventure of “Daring Faith” prominent in our lives is our “Daring Faith Commitments.”

To demonstrate and to put into action what we’ve learned these past 40 days together, I’m challenging all of us to make 3 “Daring Faith” commitments to God and our church family. The first commitment focuses on generosity. All of us are being challenged to make a “faith pledge” to give what God wants us to give in 2022.  A faith pledge isn’t based on what we think we can give, or what we think we can afford – but what God wants us to give. A faith pledge involves taking serious time to pray and hear God’s voice in this important matter. I know from experience that what God tells us to give often requires us to take a leap of faith because God is radically generous and wants us to be like Him!

The second commitment focuses on our legacy. With our eyes on future generations, how can we bless them and help equip them to carry on the mission of Jesus Christ? We can best do that by adding our church to the list of beneficiaries in our wills. Often people wish to give a substantial gift to their church but while raising kids, paying for college, mortgage payments, car payments, bills and planning for retirement – it’s difficult. But a generous gift is possible at the end of our lives. Our legacy gift is both an expression and example of our faith to our surviving loved ones. Naming our church as a beneficiary in our will is a way of leaving a legacy of our devotion to Christ and His church. Adding Hereford Faith & Life Church in your will is planting seed into future generations who will carry on the cause and mission of Christ long after we’re gone. It’s also a tangible way of saying to new generations, “I thank God for all He has done and what He’s going to do through you to reach others for Jesus Christ! This legacy gift is because I believe through you and God’s help, the best is yet to come!” See below for samples of Christian preambles to your will. 

To add our church to your will, you will need the following information:

Legal Name: Hereford United Methodist Church
Federal Tax ID:  52-1867815.
Official Address: P.O. Box 400, Monkton MD 21111
Location: 16931 York Road, Monkton MD 21111

The third commitment focuses on impact. We impact the Kingdom of God and influence others through serving and ministry. This is the costliest commitment of all. It calls for a deep trust in God as we pledge our “time” to serving Him by serving others.  We commit to invest our time and energy in using our God-given *S.H.A.P.E. to serve others through the various ministries and outreaches of our church. Joined with others in service, we can fulfill our mission to be the hands and feet of Christ in our communities and world. (Included in this mailing is a list of possible ministry and service opportunities to join and serve. Or, maybe God will lead you to start a new outreach, ministry or area of service.) Printed on the back of every bulletin we declare that we don’t have just one minister – but “every member is a minister.” Let’s step up to that and make it happen.

These three “daring faith” commitments will radically impact our church both now and in the future. They will also impact your life as a disciple! It’s time for us to awaken and truly be the Body of Christ in the world. It’s time to move forward with the Good News of Jesus and minister to our needy and broken world around us. It’s time to realize our true callings as a congregation: to be a radical expression of Jesus Christ in the Zone and beyond, and make a real difference in our communities by loving and serving people, encouraging and empowering them to experience faith and life in Jesus Christ!

Your “Daring Faith” commitments are between you and God. I’m not asking you to sign a copy and send it in. Neither is someone going to call and check in with you as to how you are doing in keeping your commitments. Again, this is between you and God. I suggest that you sign each commitment, and keep it in a prominent place where you will see it often to remind you of the pledges you’ve made. Maybe in your Bible or on your bedroom dresser. (We have included a “ministry survey” that shows you some of the many areas of service, outreach and mission that are available here at HF&LC. This survey, once completed, would be most helpful if you turned that in so we can connect you to a ministry leader for follow-up. There are other ways to serve too – so write that in as well.)

I’m looking forward to what God is going to do in us and through us as we move into our future with “daring faith!”


Pastor Bill

*God has designed each one of us uniquely to serve Him by serving others. He has given each of us a unique S.H.A.P.E.: Spiritual gifts – Heart – Abilities – Personality – Experience