Church Conference 2020
This year’s Church Conference will be with 2 other churches/charges, and all done virtually. Anybody can watch and listen in. 
There will be 3 votes taken:
  • Nominations (those people recommended to serve as Council Members beginning Jan.1, 2021 for a 3 year term)
  • Clergy Compensation for 2021
  • Candidates for Ordained Ministry (we have none so no vote will be taken here). To vote, you must be a member of the Hereford Faith & Life Church. 
Nominations – Class of 2023
(electing 3 candidates approved and recommended by our Council)
  1. Peg Millender       
  2. Kirk Limmer     
  3. John Lebo

Clergy Compensation for 2021

*Context: After 3-4 years of no salary increases for our paid staff, in 2018 the Church Council voted to give all staff a “cost of living” increase in salaries for 2019. The Council decided in 2019 to keep salaries for staff the same for 2020. This year the Church Council decided to keep all staff salaries the same for 2021 (vote: 7-2).


Total Plan Compensation (Cash Salary and Housing): $88,270

Pastor pays for Personal and Family Benefits: $13, 813

  • $4,633 – UMPIP (Pension Contribution)
  • $2,000  – Medical Flex Spending Account Contribution
  • $7,180 – Health Insurance Premium – set and required by conference

Church Benefits – % set by Conference/paid by local church: $29,138

o   $10,680 – HealthFlex Church Premium

o   $8,162 – Defined Benefit

o   $2,648 – Defined Contribution

o   $2,648 – CPP Comprehensive Protection Program

*$5,000 – Business Expense Reimbursement Fund – set by church for mileage and other business-related expenses including required Continuing Education – verified by receipts. Funds not used in the fiscal year go back into general fund of local church.

Total Financial Obligation by Local Church: $117,408