Advent MISSIONS 2022
November 27th
UMCOR Hygiene Kits
Providing necessities to those who are most vulnerable during
times of crisis.  Hygiene kits are distributed during disasters,
whether socio-economic or as a result of a natural occurrence.
December 4th
UMCOR Cleaning Kits
Enabling those affected by floods, hurricanes and tornadoes
to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up.
December 11th
Hereford Food Bank Cookies
We will be collecting homemade cookies for the clients
of our Food Bank.  HFB will supply the tins to be picked up at
church and returned by December 11th to be included with their
Christmas Dinner bag.
December 18th
Board of Child Care
BCC provides a broad spectrum of services to youth and families: 
residential, mental/behavioral health, trauma response, family support
and education.  BCC programs support the healing of past trauma,
which in turn helps complex youth and their families achieve lasting
success in their communities.